4 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Tile for Floor Installation in Dallas

Floors are a major contributing factor in beautifying your home’s interior. Whether you are installing tiles as part of a home remodel or new construction in Dallas, you need to get the fundamentals of tile installation right to avoid future regrets. And this begins with choosing the right floor tiles. Here are the 4 important factors to consider when choosing floor tiles for installation in Dallas. 

Color and Size

Whether you are living in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, or anywhere else, selecting the right color and size of flooring tiles for installation is important because it impacts how your home looks and feels. Choose lighter colors for an open and airy feel and dark colors, if you prefer a more modern feel. There are various tile size options ranging from 12X 12 to huge format plank-sized tiles. For the kitchen and bathroom, you may want to consider smaller tiles and since large tiles involve fewer joint lines, it makes an area look spacious and works great in living rooms and patios. Do discuss with your tile contractor about the tile size suitable for your space.

Ideal tile finish

Before choosing tiles for installation, browse through the variety of tile finishes available in the Dallas market. There are many excellent options including polished, matte, wooden, metallic, ceramic, glass, and rustic finishes. Depending on the design of your home, you can select a finish that matches your taste, however, keep the functionality of the tiles in mind. For instance, matte-finished tiles are best suited in bathrooms over glossy tiles due to the risk of slipping and wooden finish tiles are great for those who want the look of a hardwood floor.

Grout color

Grout is used for filling in the spaces between the tiles to prevent moisture or filth from penetrating through gaps and loosening the tiles. When working with your tile contractor, discuss grout color. While grout that is the same color as the tile can produce a subtle effect, contrasting grout will draw attention to lines great for highlighting unique design elements. To avoid stains, make sure the grouted areas are properly sealed as a part of the tile installation project. 

Water Absorption

The water absorption rate of a particular type of tile determines how much moisture it is likely to absorb. Durability and suitability for indoor and outdoor installations of tiles are linked to their water absorption rate. For tile installation in Dallas with humid subtropical temperatures and hot summers, porcelain with a low water absorption rate could be desirable, especially in exterior applications. It also holds well in severe rainstorms and freezing temperatures. 

Wrap up

Tiles offer style and beauty to the floors and walls of your home, but they also help raise the value of your house. It’s crucial to choose tiles that present beauty and are worth your investment. Many construction and home remodeling companies in Dallas and Fort Worth are offering top-notch tile floor installation services in Dallas. Request a free quote from a reliable Dallas tile contractor and construction company for the best tile installation services.