Considering a professional framing service? Here’s what you can expect! 

Purchasing pre-made frames is quick and easy, yes but the results you can achieve from a professional framing service are second to none. Attempting to create them yourself with no prior experience may see you end up with an amateur-looking finish, and it may detract from the appeal of your art or memorabilia. Worst case scenario would be the possessions get damaged from using the wrong products or techniques.

Professional framers use the very best materials and framing techniques to enhance your art or memorabilia in the absolute best light. You can be assured when choosing a reputable framer such as ours here at Mobile Frames 2U that your artwork will be protected and have a professional and high-end finish when completed.

Here’s some of what’s involved with the process and what to expect when booking a professional framing service with us.

Working out the structure

The first thing your framer will do is determine the structure of the piece that you are having framed. For example, if it is art that’s on a canvas or similar, the right-sized frame will need to be determined, keeping in mind that the picture can usually be wrapped around the framing to accommodate. It gets a bit more tricky if the art is on paper and needs to be framed, if it doesn’t fit perfectly into the frame, it may need to be cropped to fit. If this is the case for your artwork, our framers will always discuss this with you before making any adjustments so you know what’s involved and to ensure that you will be happy with the finished product. They will be able to give the best advice on framing your artwork to ensure you achieve a flawless finish that you are elated with. They are also open to working with you to find a solution to suit you if cropping your art is not something you want to occur.

To mount or not to mount

A mount is essentially a border around the art to give it a classy look however, it does serve a functional purpose. It gives the artwork room to breathe rather than being compressed up against the framing. Whether your art will have a mount will be entirely dependent on you and your specific preferences, some people love them, and others prefer the art to right the edge of the frame to fill it. You can have the mount as wide or narrow as you like and you can also choose to have it in a colour other than white too if you choose.

Your framer can work through all the options with you and compare the different mounts against the art to help you decide whether you like the look of it or not. If you do, you can then choose the colour and width.

Finding the perfect frame

Here at Mobile Frames to 2U, we have a large selection of frame corner samples. Using these, you can compare them to your artwork to see which ones you like best and which ones complement the artwork most. Remember, when choosing your frame you don’t want the frame to catch the eye, this is the job of the artwork.

Deciding whether you want glass in your framing

For some types of art, we recommend having glass over the front of your framing. Art such as watercolour or anything with light pastel colours are two of the many. If you do decide to have glass over your art, the two main types to choose from are reflective glass and matte glass. Which one is best for you will depend on your budget.

The price

The cost of your framing will vary greatly depending on the type of framing you choose, the size of your artwork and whether you choose to have glass installed or not. You will be given your quote when you have decided which framing you want, which mount and whether you want glass or not. Your framer will give the quote before any work starts. Once you have accepted the quote, they will commence the job for you. So contact you local Brisbane Jersey framer to find out framing costs.

Job is done and dropped off to you

Once we have completed your framing project, we will organise a time to come to you to drop it off to you. Yes, that’s right, we drop it off to you. Not only that, but we pick it up from you too. We offer a complete mobile service from start to finish, saving you the hassle of having to find time to deliver your art and then come and pick it up.

Ready to book your professional framing service?

Art is usually meaningful and holds a special place in the home. Keeping it unframed or in cheap frames that may have acid backing can see your art deteriorating. Sometimes art can get damaged beyond repair and this is not something you want to have. Often people don’t even realise that their framing of choice is damaging their art until it’s too late. We hope that this post has given you an idea of what to expect when hiring a framer to complete a framing service for you. If you are looking for a quality framer that comes to you here in South East Queensland, look no further than our highly skilled team here at Mobile Frames 2U.