Different types of headboards


Headboards are a need especially for the bedrooms as these are known to add comfort. Let’s dive into some types of headboards;

Metal headboards

Metal custom headboards are a common way to give a modern-looking bedroom. They usually have a curved shape, they are usually made of metal bars, such as wrought iron, brass metal, brushed aluminum, or stainless steel. Depending on the type of material your headboard is made of, you can give your bed an antique design if you prefer steel to a refined look if you opt for the stainless steel version.

Leather headboards

Leather is also unique material. The fronts made of this material are a modern version of standard metal and wooden fronts. The leather headboard of your bed not only looks great but is also much more potent. You can choose a faux leather or genuine leather headboard, both available in a wide range of colors.

Upholstered headboards

The upholstered headboard will create a more romantic atmosphere in your room. Most of them have attractive distinctive designs and are available in many color variants. The upholstered headboard will give your room some texture and make your bed softer and support your back, making reading the bed more comfortable.

Wooden headboards

Wooden headboards are a popular choice for their timeless and classic look. With a huge range of wood types and finishes available, natural wood materials often go well with any other existing bedroom furniture or add a touch of color to your interior, depending on when you opt for more decorative wood material. Wood is a flexible material and offers many options: a wooden headboard with intricate lines will give your room a contemporary look, while a decorated or carved headboard can be an ideal way to complete a rustic and traditional design.

Wall headboards

The materials are usually designed with struts that fit behind a standard couch. In some cases, however, a wall face such as a wall plate is a more suitable option. Wall panels have many advantages, including the decorative potential and suitability of each bed. However, they are not so useful for traditional headboards, as they may not cause pillows and bedding to fall out of bed.

Bern headboard

Children’s headboards come in every material and type and usually have storage space. Manufacturers often design them in original shapes and designs, such as football or floral designs, to make children sleep in their own beds.

Enjoy the beautiful variety in headboards!