Five Things to Know When Considering Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors are esthetically appealing and durable; however, they do not last forever. Over time, they can lose their shine. Thankfully, sanding wooden floors can bring back the floor’s lost appeal. If you are wondering whether or not sanding works for your floors, you should consult the professionals at These professionals will also advise you whether or not it is time for floor sanding. Keep reading to know more about this process:

Sanding Can Be Done Before Your Floor Gets Too Worn

Letting your floor’s finish fully wear off before you contact a floor sanding professional would result in the bare wood being impacted. When this happens, you would need to replace the hardwood, making this endeavor more expensive than a sanding project. 

Sanding Floors is Stress-Free

A lot of people are hesitant about floor sanding due to the fear of dust, odour, and the possibility of them leaving their homes to get the job done. However, experienced sanders can efficiently and effectively run the project without subjecting homeowners and their pets to discomfort. Indeed, the sanded and refinished floor can be walked on after 24 hours or less. Experts use a system to contain dust in the process. 

It is Best to Go Pro

When it comes to floor sanding and restoration, it is best to leave the jobs to the professionals. When not done professionally, the job can disrupt your family or work life as you deal with dust and complete it for a long time. And when you use the wrong materials, it can spell disaster. By working with floor sanding experts, you save yourself from stress and frustration. 

Opt for a Water-Based Finish

In terms of durability, there is very little difference between water-based and oil-based finishes. In fact, experts say that water-based finishes can hold up better than their oil-based counterparts when subjected to the same stress level. Also, a water-based finish is odourless, which makes it home-friendly. An oil-based finish can contain fumes that may require you to leave the space for a long time. 

You Still Have to Keep Your Floor Clean after Sanding

Even if floor sanding restores the beauty of your floor, you must still clean the floor regularly to maintain the shine. But when cleaning, ensure you use only the right cleaning products to prolong your floor’s lifespan. Find efficient cleaning agents that are safe for your family and pets.