Google assistant has always made using the phone and the apps on the phone very easy. Google assistant can set reminders, alarms, manager schedule, find answers for you, navigate, and control your all your smart home devices. However, using Google assistant on a good-quality speaker has always been important. What if there was a speaker who had Google assistant features integrated into it? Would that not make your life very easy and convenient? This is where the Google Home smart assistant speaker comes in.

Are you looking to invest in a smart speaker? If yes, then do not look beyond the Google home smart assistant speaker. This compact speaker is very easy to set up and super simple to use. To use this device, simply plug it in and download the app called Google home on your mobile from App Store or play store. That’s it. You are all set.

The Google Home smart assistant speaker comes with its own built-in Google Assistant and is always available for any kind of hands-free help. The Google assistant speaker has dual microphones as well as dual passive radiators. This allows it to deliver audio quality that is crystal clear. Whether you are looking for the latest news update, traffic condition on your way to your work, sports update or nutritional facts about the cereals your kids love so much, google Home smart assistant will help you find your answers by the time you snap your fingers. Another amazing feature of the Google Home smart assistant speaker is that it finds the meaning of the phrases, the sentences, or the words in the language of your preference to allow you to understand better.

Are you a new baker? Are your kids learning to bake for the first time? You can use the Google Home smart assistant speaker to set a timer for the baking duration by only using your voice. The voice match feature which is available with Google Home smart assistant speaker also recognizes the voice of every member of the family and helps Google assistant provide every member with their briefings, playlist, schedules, and whatever they might need.

As you begin your day, you can ask Google Home smart assistant speaker about the plans of your day. Google Home smart assistant speaker will give you a brief of how your day might be like including your reminders, the details on your Google calendar, how the weather might be, what are the commuting options available to you et cetera. It will also remind you if you have any important tasks to finish for the day. You can pair the Google mini either with your phone or with your Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite songs or your favorite playlist. If you have both Bluetooth speakers as well as Google mini, you can use these to play the same song by using the multiroom audio feature.

The Google Mini is a device that is compatible with smart plugs and lights. Therefore, it can even be used to switch the lights on and off as well as dim the lights as per your need by just using your voice. You can also use Google’s home smart assistant speaker to listen to audiobooks from Podcasts, radio, Google play et cetera by just using your voice. If you had a long boring day at work, just ask Google to entertain you with fascinating trivia or just crack a joke for you which will help you get rid of the foul mood you have been in.

Is there anything that Google home smart assistant speakers cannot do?

If you want Google to bake a cake for you, that is not possible. Apart from that Google assistant speaker can answer all your questions, book an Uber for you, call your dad, start or stop or mute or unmute your TV, play your favorite songs, reduce the brightness of the lights as per your requirement.

The Google Home smart assistant speaker can also be used as a speaker via pairing it with your phone. You can also connect to music streaming accounts and directly stream music from the device.

Therefore, as I mentioned before if you are in the market for a smart assistant speaker, you cannot do better than the Google Home smart assistant speaker. Not only does the speaker delivers a crisp and good quality sound, it also has the power and knowledge of the Google database behind it so you can integrate your Calendar, To-Do list et cetera all in one platform. With the rise of Google Nest and its strong bass features, Google is taking over the market. Compact yet powerful, the Google Home smart assistant speaker is basically your one-stop destination for all your household and work needs.a