Here Are Some Of The Best Plants To Have Around Your Pool!

The obvious progression after installing your super fibreglass pool is to think of what’s going to surround it. Landscaping around your pool makes for a great atmosphere, and it will only enhance the splendour of your pool. Blending your pool into its environment should be a priority. What you choose to plant around your pool will finally decide the appearance of your whole pool area.

Thoughts to Begin With

A good idea is to select plants that will thrive. Additionally, you may want to consider pool flora that offers shade, so you get some respite in those hot summer months. Think of plants that are easy to tend to, as you don’t want extra tasks on hand. The pool has to be looked after too. Handy hints for pool plants and planting on the whole will help you plan your pool space.

The Perfect Pool Area

You may want to consult with a landscaper about what to plant, as well as where to plant it, but common sense can guide you too. The main goal should be combining the right plants with appropriate furniture to get a space that is functional for you. For instance, if children are going to be frequenting the fibreglass pool, you have to give a thought to safety aspects and non-toxic plants.

Pool Environment

The environment around your pool will likely be exposed to wind and salt. Pool flora should be able to flourish in such conditions. Wind can destroy plant foliage and blow away necessary pollen. The area around your pool will experience a lot of splashing, so salt may inadvertently cover plant life. This may degrade plants at the root level and above ground. Plants should be able to develop in part-shade areas, as well as incomplete sunshine. Specifically, you will have to make your selection based on your pool vicinity.

Pool Chemicals

Remember that your pool is filled with chemicals like chlorine. Choose plants that tolerate chlorine and other pool chemicals. Pineapple sage, Ajuga, bellflowers with peach leaves and swamp daisies are robust enough. Shrubs and bushes look just as great as individual plants. You can discover some great options with the Buddleia, Mexican Mock Orange, any variety of Iris (Siberian Iris particularly), Turpentine Bush and Mexican Blossoms.

Low Maintenance

Although your fibreglass pool is one of the easiest kinds of pools to take care of, it does need some care. Choosing pool plants that are low in maintenance will go a long way in making your life easy, especially if you work. No-fuss plants include aloe, agave and yucca. These are lovers of heat and can grow well in full sunlight. If you want a tropical pool paradise, consider little palms and cyads (like the sago palm). The hardiest of all plants are cactus plants. Nonetheless, keep them at a safe distance so that their spindles don’t pose any danger of injury to anyone. Opuntia and Echinocactus are good bets.

Its important to note that plants shed leaves. Plant flora that is practically litter less is the Ironwood and Mediterranean Palm (the Fan variety). Plants that require little or no pruning and are drought-tolerant are really your go-to pool plants.

Popular Plants

Besides the plants already mentioned, you can also visit these varieties of plants to grow around your fibreglass pool:

  • Blueberry Ash
  • Waxflower
  • Native Fuschia
  • Cascading Lantana or Evening Primrose
  • Cascading Verbena (can be invasive)
  • Bull Banksia
  • Himalayan Dogwood

Privacy Plants

Once you have installed your pool, you may have some concerns regarding privacy. This is a common issue in compact backyards which are almost joined at the hip to neighboring residences. Creating a natural screen with plants is your best solution. Choose plants that have a long duration in terms of their growth cycle. These will develop and mature over years, plus they are low in looking out for. Bay Laurels, Olive trees and Coastal Banksias are all favourable plant flora suited to providing natural “walls”. Tall ferns do the trick just as well.

Ground Cover and Middle-Level Plants

You may want to include rocks and pebbles in your landscaping plans, but there are some great mid-level plants to have around your fibreglass pool. Coastal Rosemary and Gardenia not only look pretty, but the scents they exude are glorious. For valuable ground cover, and to make your lower garden area interesting, you can plant Blue chalk sticks and silver grass. Catmint is intriguing too.

Plants to Stay Away From

Whatever swimming pool you own, whether it’s a lap pool or plunge pool, a fibreglass pool is a unique swimming facility that doesn’t require tough maintenance. This is the reason most pool owners opt for it. Its also robust enough to stand the test of wear and tear. You can have deciduous plants – the leaves and debris that they cause will only have to be cleared annually. If you happen to have, or wish to plant, evergreen plants, you’re in for a lot of work. You will have to clear foliage throughout the year. Plants that shed berries and needles aren’t great either. Also, avoid any plants that hang over your pool.

Several plants have a way of damaging the surface area around your pool because of the way their root systems work. According to esteemed swimming pool associations, bamboo and rubber trees should be avoided “at all costs.” Similarly, the Umbrella Tree is a not an option. These commonly create problems with pools because of issues like paving and underground plumbing mechanisms.

An Invitation to Jump In!

Your new perth fibreglass pool should be inviting enough to plunge in to. Important consideration should be given to the surrounding area as you may have seniors and children using the pool too. A safe vicinity should be foremost in your mind. Spikey and pokey plants are not a desirable way to get guests to be at your poolside, especially as they may have to dodge these. You want them to relax by the pool, not run an obstacle course! How and for what purpose you use your pool will largely determine the plants you have around it. User-friendly environments are what professional landscapers create, and consulting one is an ideal start to planning your pool landscape.