Incredible Tips for Making a Standout Wines and Spirits Display 

With the rapidly evolving and emerging trends within the brewery industry, many liquor store operators find it overwhelming to choose the best type of wine and spirits products to display to their customers. Moreover, even after finding the right options, arranging the wine and spirit bottles in the stores is still challenging. 

Most people go as far as purchasing or installing hanging, metal, stackable, tabletop, or wooden wine racks but still find it challenging to come up with a display that will attract customers to purchase the products. As a result, we have selected several incredible tips suitable for making standout wine and spirits displays. 

Top Visual Merchandizing Tips for Your Wines and Spirits Store 

Despite having several components of crafting a standout visual merchandising display, the following tips are arguably the most significant ones.

  • Focus on the Focal Point 

The focal point is that portion of the display you want your target customers or audience to focus on. A focal point is typically placed at eye level, and it could be an object or a group of items you want your customers to notice. 

You could be dealing with several liquor brands, but fortunate enough, you have realized that your customers are more hooked on a particular brand than others. In this case, you would create your focal point by displaying that specific and famous brand. 

  • Consider the Available Space 

The amount of space between products determines the volumes within your store. Customers often equate volumes in retail shops with luxury, which is why most high-end brands and stores commonly put much space between merchandise when doing an in-store display. However, suppose you are a discount retailer. In that case, it is beneficial to fill up the entire space with items-you could only leave spaces between the shelves through which someone can pass. 

Keeping the concept of space in mind is essential when designing your display. Therefore, leaving spaces around them makes a lot of sense if you want to position a wine or spirit bottle as exclusive or one–of–a–kind. 

  • Lighting 

If appropriately used, lighting draws customers’ attention towards a specific part of your display or store. It is essential, especially when you want to highlight one item or group of objects more than others. In this case, you will allow a brighter light to spot them. 

Alongside attracting customers, lighting also influences the moods and behaviours of people. For instance, action and energy can be inspired by using brightly- lit displays. In contrast, subdued lighting displays are essential for making people feel more relaxed or slow down. 

  • Positioning of the Merchandise 

Positioning is one of the most important factors when creating an outstanding, eye-catching display. Remember your dealing with different brands of breweries, and there is that category of brands many customers will look for. Therefore, it is essential to position it at an eye level because this is where most shoppers focus on. In other words, customers prefer focusing on things right in front of them to those placed above or below their eye level. 


Visual merchandising is an essential aspect of every display. It involves arranging the products in a manner that will attract the attention of customers. As a result, considering factors such as focal point, space, lighting, and positioning is essential to ensure that you come up with standout wines and spirits displays.