Polished concrete floors services in Melbourne

Apart from a good elevation, nice attractive exterior design, and pleasing landscape, floors of homes, offices and commercial or industrial establishments play a crucial role in adding to the beauty of premises.

In order to have graceful floors people use various materials such as tiles, marble, wood, and many more but the beauty that is created with polished concrete floors can be simply matchless. Polished concrete floors can create mesmerizing effects, when properly polished.

There is a myriad of good contractors and companies like Ultra Grind that offer their most creative polished concrete floors services in Melbourne.

In modern times, polished concrete floors are the preferred choice of most interior designers who wish to give a sleek, stylish, modern, and long-lasting look to the floors.

What is concrete polishing?

Polished concrete is a multi-step process in which a concrete floor is mechanically ground, using a different kind of grinding equipment. Following required grounding and exposure of stone, the floors are honed with bonded abrasives for cutting concrete floor surface and polished. 

The process of polishing concrete also uses certain hardeners to act as penetrants into concrete which causes the hardening of concrete and makes it a dustproof surface. Depending upon the area, with help of finer grinding tools, the surface is made smooth and shining and then concrete polishing is done to achieve the desired gloss, usually in four steps. 

Commonly used polished concrete surfaces

The most common surfaces where you can use polished concrete are:

  • Private residences
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Shopping Malls, showrooms and retail stores
  • Hospitals, Clinics Schools and Office buildings
  • Automobile showrooms
  • Large warehouses and warehouse outlets

All these places prefer to have polished concrete floors as they look bright, shining and being highly light ambient, reflect natural light, reduce additional lighting requirements

Benefits of Polished concrete floors

Besides creating stunning visual effects and enhancing the aesthetics of the place, polished concrete floors offer various other benefits over other flooring options. Polished concrete floors are advantageous as they:

  • Have long life span- highly durable
  • Require low maintenance – much less than maintaining tiles, marble or carpets
  • Are easy to clean – being dust-proof, you can clean them with simple sweeping and mopping using a mild cleaner to have a clean and fresh look on the floor for many years 
  • Are hygienic – and hence best option for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Polished concrete floors do not allow mold, mildew, and allergens to grow on them. When compared to carpet or tiles, polished concrete floors can help maintain and improve air quality
  • Slip Resistant – despite looking smooth and slippery, due to high coefficient of friction, they are slip-resistant due to silica surface sealer and additional coating in areas that remain wet, which can make polished concrete floors slip-resistant 
  • Are pet friendly 
  • Possess stain and scratch-resistant properties
  • Cost-effective – when compared to other flooring options

Polished concrete is considered most versatile, apart from floors it can also be used for concrete steps and pathways and can be created in a huge range of styles, designs, and colors.

Polished concrete floors are more resistant to high foot traffic and thus ideal for commercial and industrial places where footfall is more.

Considering the immense advantages of polished concrete floors; should you plan to avail most authentic and professional polished concrete floors services in Melbourne; contact Ultra Grind – the polished concrete specialist in Melbourne.