Six Alternative ADU Design Concepts Can Help You Boost the Value of Your House

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a self-contained living space that is either attached to or distinct from the main house in a single-family residence. When properly designed and built, ADUs have the ability to provide homeowners with additional income, greater living space for family members or visitors, and a boost in property value.

If you reside in California and are thinking of adding an ADU to your property, keep the following six design factors in mind to help increase the value of your house.

1. Include Eco-Friendly Elements in the Design

By including a variety of sustainable design elements in the building of your ADU in Campbell, CA, you can make it more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Solar panels, passive heating, and cooling components, drought-resistant landscaping, and rainwater harvesting systems are some examples of sustainable design aspects to consider when designing an ADU. These sustainable design features will not only help you reduce your environmental impact but also help you save money on electricity bills and make your ADU more desirable to tenants or buyers looking for a green home.

2. Create a Practical Configuration

In order to make the most of the available space, the floor design of your auxiliary living unit must be both functional and adequately planned. In addition to the standard luxuries of a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, you should think about including a living space as well as a workstation in your home. Porches, decks, and patios are increasingly being used as additional living space in ADUs, so if you have the capacity, consider building one of these outside living areas.

3. Make Use of High-Quality Materials

When searching for materials to utilize in the building of your ADU, it is critical that you select high-quality goods that will last the test of time. This is especially important for components like doors and windows, which must be able to withstand the wide range of environmental conditions that may be encountered at some time. Build your ADU using high-quality materials. It will not only be more durable and resistant to the impacts of the environment, but it will also have a higher aesthetic value, making it more appealing to potential renters or purchasers.

4. Pay Close Attention to Details

The little details are what truly distinguish an ADU from others. You can definitely make your ADU stand out from the crowd if you pay attention to the elements. This includes everything from the hardware on the cabinets to the ceiling light fittings. Lighting and fixtures may appear to be minor issues, but they have the ability to have a significant influence on how the space feels overall. You can ensure that your ADU is both functional and stylish by selecting high-quality materials and paying attention to minor details. These are two features that will undoubtedly increase the value of your ADU.

Suppose you’re not sure where to begin decorating your home; go through some home décor magazines or websites for inspiration. Work with a competent interior designer who can help you turn your idea into a reality.

5. Include High-Tech Equipment in Your Home

Smart house technology refers to technology that may be implemented in a home to make it more efficient and convenient for the residents. Fortunately, there are several sorts of smart home gadgets that are appropriate for use in an ADU. Voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are among the most popular innovative home technologies in use today. WiFi-enabled thermostats and light bulbs, as well as security cameras with remote viewing capabilities, are other prominent smart home technology. All it takes to make your ADU more appealing to prospective renters or buyers looking for a technologically savvy home is the installation of a few simple, smart home gadgets.

6. Make Certain That Everyone Can Use It

Suppose you want to rent out your ADU or invite an elderly loved one to live there. In that case, you must ensure that it meets all of the accessibility standards stipulated by the local building code. This includes ensuring that wheelchairs can negotiate doorways and corridors, adding grab bars in toilets, and placing lever-style knobs on doors and cabinets. By making your ADU accessible, you will not only be able to keep your loved ones safe, but you will also be able to avoid any future legal issues. It will also make the home more desirable to prospective tenants or buyers with accessibility needs.

Acton ADU Can Help You Make Your Dreams a Reality

Adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property is an excellent method to increase the value of your house while also providing additional income, increasing the amount of accessible living space or both. When it comes to the design and building of an ADU, there are a few key elements to consider at all times. By incorporating environmentally responsible design elements, developing a functional layout, using high-quality materials, paying attention to details, incorporating smart home technology, and making the ADU accessible, you can create an ADU that is not only valuable but also appealing. Your dreams may become a reality with the assistance of Acton ADU’s expert team of ADU builders in California.

Acton ADU is the state of California’s most successful ADU constructor. We are professionals in the design and building of one-of-a-kind, trendy, and long-lasting ADUs that are built to last. Our educated staff works together with our customers to realize their ideas for ADUs. We constantly guarantee that our staff is up to date on the most recent code requirements and that we use the most contemporary building methods and materials when developing ADUs. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of customizing options so that you may make your ADU as distinctive as possible. Acton ADU can build you an ADU that not only meets your needs but also goes above and beyond what you had envisioned for such a project. Click here to learn more about how we can help you build an ADU for your property to increase its value.

Financing Options for California ADUs

If you are interested in building an ADU on your property, Acton ADU will assist you in obtaining financing. Our dependable partner will be able to assist you in obtaining the required cash to get started. You can make interest-only payments throughout the construction period, and you can also choose from a variety of alternative payment options, depending on your needs. We may offer loans with low fixed rates as well as adjustable rates, and our closing costs can be rolled into the overall loan amount. Furthermore, the value of your house will be decided by “after-improved” values rather than the current market value. This makes it straightforward to have an accurate picture of your home’s value and plan appropriately. Contact us right now to learn more about the financing options we provide and to get the ball rolling on the building of your dream backyard cottage.