Types of Meals to Expect At Residential College 

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Types of Meals to Expect At Residential College 

When it comes to student accommodation at university there are a number of options to choose from; some will look to go into halls on-campus, some in their final years may look to private apartments or shared houses, and others will look at residential colleges. This is an all-inclusive approach to student accommodation which sees students stay on-campus, and have their meals prepared for them each day. This is much more of a community-based approach to accommodation, which many see as the best way to start their university years. 

If you do opt for a residential college, here is what you can expect from the meals. 

Meal Plan 

The meal plan is a pre-paid option which will include all of your meals on-campus. This is paid for at the beginning of every term, and students will have their student ID connected with their plan. Each time that a student enters the dining area, they will scan their ID and that will give them access, the value of the meal will then be deducted from the account. 

Varying Plans

In the main, those who stay in residential colleges will have every meal prepared for them, but some may wish to take on a different plan. There are meal plans which can cater for 21, 19 or 14 meals per week, and it will be up to the student which plan they decide to take on. For most students staying in this kind of accommodation, they will take the 21 meal plan, which includes 3 meals per day, on every day of the week. 

Meals to Expect 

As you may well imagine, the meals that will be prepared for you are based on giving you the right amount of nutrition for you to perform at your very best. This is why they will always include a main portion of protein, accompanied with fruits, vegetables and legumes, to ensure that you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals. When it comes to staying at a residential college Melbourne has a number of options and they are all supported by a kitchen which focuses on delivering high quality food which provides the best in nutrition to students. Here are a couple of examples of meals you could expect throughout the week. 

  • Roasted Cajun Chicken With Rice and Veg
  • Braised beef with seasonal veg and roast potatoes
  • Jacket potato with salad
  • Poached eggs with bacon and toast 
  • White fish with quinoa and root veg 

Each mealtime will also include a salad or fruit bar, as well as a daily offering of fresh desserts. 

Special Meals

Most universities will have a certain night or two each week when they have a theme to the mealtime, such as an Italian buffet, steak night, wings and BBQ or a seafood themed night, to give just a few examples. 

Dietary Requirements 

It is the mission of the residential college to provide highly nutritious food which tastes great, which is varied and also which caters best for its students. This is also why all dietary requirements will be taken care of, so you shouldn’t worry if you are vegan, gluten or lactose intolerant or if you have any other dietary issues. 

Each university varies of course, but you can be safe in the knowledge that a residential college will provide you with great quality food each and every day.