What is the difference between Laminate and vinyl flooring? What are their  Pros and cons?

When decorating your home, there are several ways to choose the right design. Particularly popular, because they do not go out of style, are especially the wood-look designs. Since real parquet is often not very easy to care for and clean, more and more people are opting for easier-to-maintain alternatives. Examples are vinyl flooring and high-resolution wood laminate flooring, which often even have a synchronous relief decoration that visually and tactilely combines the planks with the real material.

Depending on your needs, it may be better to lay a vinyl design floor or opt for a laminate. In this article, we have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of each one so that after reading it, you can decide which one best suits you and your circumstances.

Diversity of designs

Because of the variety of decorations, you can access a wide range of other wood-style laminate floors. Available shades range from dark to light designs and colours that add a refined touch to the room. For example, if you opt for a vinyl floor, you have the opportunity to decorate your floor with a wide variety of designs.

Not only are wooden decorations available, but also decorations with the appearance of marble, granite or other surfaces that are barely distinguishable from natural mineral decorations, as well as having a high quality. Different very striking designs are those made of brushed metal or those that look like tile, which will give your floor a more retro look.

If you opt for vinyl flooring, you will have a greater range of designs at your disposal than that offered by laminate flooring.

Moisture Expansion

Many people would like a wooden floor, even in the kitchen and bathroom. However, this is not possible because the wood swells with moisture.

However, you still have the opportunity to fulfil your dream and place an imitation wood floor in these two house rooms. How? Very easy! You just have to choose a moisture-proof laminate floor, and your needs will be met. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s label because if it does not clearly state that the floor is suitable for a room with humidity, it will be permeable to water and, therefore, not suitable.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring is much more suitable for wet rooms because vinyl is already a water-repellent material. However, it is also worth paying attention to the manufacturer’s comments.

The danger of breakage and resistance

Vinyl is an elastic and flexible material by nature. Whether or not it can be broken depends mainly on its general strength: click vinyl usually has an HDF carrier which can be damaged during transport. However, once the vinyl is installed, the risk of breakage is almost impossible.

Laminate flooring can break much more quickly when exposed to harsh conditions due to its lack of elasticity. Therefore, make sure before buying that its type of use is appropriate for the use you will give it. For example, the land use class indicates whether it can be placed in a residential, commercial, or industrial area.

Often, it is not only the type of area that determines its suitability but also depends on the activities that you will be doing in it. For example, vinyl is now just as durable as laminate. Floor coverings offer the advantage that a repair kit can easily remove surface damage.

heat preservation

You can combine all floor coverings with hot water underfloor heating, as long as the product is explicitly suitable. On the other hand, if the heat does not come from below, PVC provides a greater sensation of warmth than laminate.

Difficulty in installation

Its low height makes click vinyl flooring the ideal floor for a quick and easy renovation. Laminate has a comparatively high height, whose only advantage is the equally easy installation technique. The problem is that it tends to rub against doors, especially glass doors, which cannot be shortened so easily.


Does your roommate or neighbours constantly complain that you make too much noise when you walk? Choose a floor where the echo of your footsteps is muffled and make those who live with you happily. Here vinyl flooring is superior to laminate. If you don’t want to resort to products such as additional insulation, simply choose a vinyl floor, and you will have made the right decision.


This is where we find the great advantage of laminate flooring over vinyl flooring. If you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-install floor, laminate is the perfect option. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something else, we recommend the floor of the future: vinyl flooring.

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