Why You Should Always Do a Post-Renovation Clean


As a homeowner, you’ll renovate your home at some point. If there are significant changes then it will involve a bit of DIYing and construction work. To get your home cleaned by a professional after renovation work you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire the right people. Let’s check out why post-renovation cleanup is important:

The Reasons

1. Dust removal – Dust removal is always the primary reason for doing a post-renovation cleanup. Any major renovation project would involve construction work that creates a lot of dust. Apart from regular organic dust, it also contains harmful chemicals like silica dust. Enough organic dust in a closed environment can cause temporary or permanent respiratory issues. Silica dust does even more damage. 

If you regularly breathe that kind of dust in the renovated space, you’ll damage your lungs and develop irrecoverable health issues in the long run. Apart from being a hazard to your daily life, it’s also a nuisance. Even after sweeping your floor, you’ll find more dust every day if there’s no proper post-renovation cleanup. 

Moreover, the renovated room isn’t the only space that’s going to be affected by the dust. The dust will make its way to clean rooms via your home’s ventilation system. Silica dust is also very difficult to remove once it settles on fabric, furniture, and linens in your home. These dust particles are super fine and get embedded in the fabric. You’ll keep dusting sheets and carpets even after months.  

2. Toxic fumes – Apart from dust, you may as well be affected by toxic fumes after the renovation work. Each renovation project is unique and requires different sorts of materials. It’s great if you can hire a renovation company that takes care of the post-renovation cleanup. However, if this service isn’t included in the contract the construction company may not be liable for any toxic fumes left after the renovation. 

For instance, if the renovation project requires the use of paint that has lead, it’s going to leave toxic fumes. A post-renovation cleanup can help you take care of these toxic fumes and protect your home. People tend to ignore these fumes since they are often invisible and odorless after the renovation work is done. However, these fumes can shave off a few years of your life and pose a high risk to your family’s health. 

3. Debris removal – Any kind of construction or renovation work will leave a lot of debris. From cut and resized sheets of metal and wooden panels to waste materials and broken concrete. You need to get rid of the post-renovation debris safely without breaking any local laws and regulations. If you fail to do that, you may be slapped with hefty fines. That’s why it’s best to outsource this job to cleaning companies. 

Moreover, certain debris removal procedures need specialized tools for debris extraction. Even if you got your home renovated by a reputed construction company, they may not have that tool. If you DIYed the project, you definitely don’t have those tools. When you hire a post-renovation cleaning company, they have specialized equipment and years of experience in safely removing such debris. They also have very powerful industrial dry and wet vacuums to suck out all the debris without leaving anything behind. 

4. Aesthetics – Apart from adding functionality or quality of life improvements, people renovate their home to make it look better. However, it defeats the whole purpose if you don’t get your renovated home cleaned. Rooms remain dusty, there are scraps and construction waste everywhere and you would have a hard time going from one point of the room to another if your home isn’t cleaned after renovation. 

Your shiny new furniture would remain dusty, and your expensive flooring won’t be able to shine with all its brilliance if your renovated home isn’t cleaned properly. That means you also lose the opportunity to invite guests, friends, family, and colleagues to give a tour of your renovated home. If you clean your home by yourself after the renovation you won’t be able to do as good a job as a professional. So, when guests come over they would be able to spot the inconsistencies and leave with a bad impression. 

5. You can fight mold growth – After renovations, mold growth is also a major risk. Mold requires high levels of moisture and a dark environment to thrive. That’s why you’ll usually find mold growing in rooms that are left unused for the most part of the year. If you have recently renovated your home after being flooded, then you’re exposed to the risk of mold growth. 

After the renovation work, you need to get your home professionally cleaned as soon as possible to get rid of all the moisture. Otherwise, your home would be full of mold within days and that poses many health risks. If you’re DIYing your way through the renovation, make sure to remove porous materials like drywall. These can absorb a lot of water and can become the breeding ground for fungi spores.      

6. You spot other issues – When you’re renovating your home you move around a lot of furniture. You also move around a lot of items and tools from storage spaces. However, so much movement leads to confusion, and you leave things in the wrong spot. So, if you leave heavy items or sharp items on the wrong surface, your newly renovated home may get damaged very quickly.

While these mistakes aren’t apparent right after the renovation work, they come to light during and after the post-renovation cleanup. During post-renovation cleanup, your property is thoroughly examined and if something is out of place it is brought to your attention very quickly.    


After renovating your home it’s important to get your home professionally cleaned for the above-mentioned benefits. Your home looks nice, presentable and you don’t have to suffer from health risks. To hire a professional for this job you can search for “cleaning services near me”.