Bathroom Vanity Wholesale in the Middle East

If you’re looking for bathroom vanity wholesale, you can check out the Middle East Market. The Middle East Market is a vast marketplace with a high acceptance rate for price. You can enter this market through bathroom vanity wholesale and hotel engineering. In this article, we’ll explore a few options for the Middle East Market. Here are a few ideas for bathroom vanity wholesale:

Bathroom vanities

The economic advantages of buying bathroom vanity wholesale are clear. It saves a significant amount of money over buying the same product at a conventional shop. Wholesale websites don’t have the overhead costs that traditional shops do, such as room rental and management. The savings on buying wholesale vanity are significant enough to make it worthwhile for home improvement projects. Here are some ways you can save money while buying wholesale bathroom vanities. One of the most obvious is by using online comparison shopping.

The European market can be further divided into high-end and low-end markets. The high-end market favors sanitary wares made of solid wood combined with MDF/Plywood, while the economically-minded market prefers painted bathroom vanity with glossy white finish. In Europe, bathroom vanities are marketed under different styles, with high-end brands being more expensive than the economy market. However, low-end bathroom vanities can be cheaper, especially if they are made of MDF.


SHKL is a professional manufacturer of bathroom vanities and is a pioneer in the development of solid wood bathroom cabinets. With four production bases covering over 150,000 square meters, the company employs over 900 employees. The company takes the bathroom vanity as its flagship and focuses on driving development in related industries by integrating R&D and production. With more than 1,000 exclusive shops in over 50 countries, SHKL has established a global presence.

The European market is split into two segments: high end and economic. High end market clients are devoted to local brands and may even import high-end bathroom vanities from China. These vanities are almost modern luxury styles and made of solid wood or MDF. On the other hand, economic market clients are interested in cost-effective bathroom cabinets. Most of the cabinets in this category are made of MDF with melamine or PVC foil finishes.

Middle East market

The Middle East vanity wholesale market is growing rapidly as consumers are increasingly turning to luxurious bathroom furnishings. As the region is rapidly industrializing, it has become a preferred location for many luxury home furnishing companies. The region also offers a wide range of growth opportunities, thanks to significant investment in real estate. The first quarter of 2021, the volume of commercial real estate investment in Asia Pacific increased by 10 percent to USD 26 billion. The strong investment sentiment has continued over the forecast period.

The Middle Eastern vanity wholesale market is booming, mainly due to the rise in disposable income. Rising living standards and increased disposable income have led consumers to spend a considerable portion of their income on home renovation and furnishings. This has boosted the overall market for vanity products. In addition, rising disposable income has encouraged homeowners to remodel interior infrastructure, leading to an increase in demand for bathroom furnishings. This trend is likely to continue, as consumers look to upgrade their bathrooms and improve their overall lifestyles.

Luxury Living Direct

If you want to make a big purchase and save money, you can check out Luxury Living Direct’s wholesale pricing. Their selection of bathroom accessories includes over three thousand different items that can be found at wholesale prices. You can purchase popular products from large vanity brands such as Virtu USA, Hardware Resources, and Bellaterra. They also offer bathroom accessories at discount prices. This is an excellent way to save money without compromising on quality. You can also buy a vanity at a discounted price if you buy one at a wholesale price.