Duct Cleaning and Related Issues: A Brief Guide

Everyone knows that duct cleaning is crucially important when it comes to maintaining the quality and comfort of any building, whether it is a residential building or a commercial one. One of the basic motivations you should have for cleaning your ducts is to keep your house, or any other building, free from illnesses. The association between contaminated ducts and health risks is crystal clear. 

Here is what you should know about contaminated duct systems:

  • Contaminated ducts work less efficiently than clean ones
  • Contaminated ducts can get clogged easily and suffocate in the interior of your house
  • Contaminated ducts can distribute contaminants throughout your house
  • Contaminated ducts can attract mosquitoes and houseflies

It is important to understand that having dust in your ducts doesn’t necessarily mean you should clean them. The air that circulates in ducts is rarely pure, and small amounts of dust getting trapped inside your ventilation ducts is a normal thing. 

You should consider cleaning your ducts only when the amount of dust or debris in your duct systems is clearly more than normal. 

What should you do?

Research duct systems, duct cleaning and educate yourself about these issues. You cannot keep your ducts optimally clean if you don’t know about ducts and duct cleaning. You should also be aware of professional services that can help you deep clean your ducts if and when it is necessary. 

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The Best Duct Material

The amount of maintenance your duct systems may need depends upon the material from which ducts are made. Old school ventilation ducts use metal sheets. Although metal sheets may be stronger, they are problematic due to the following reasons:

  • They are heavy
  • They are prone to rust 
  • They easily get contaminated
  • They are more prone to mold

Metal ducts were common until fiberglass came around in the 1970s. They are way better than metal ducts due to the following reasons

  • They are lighter
  • They are more flexible
  • They offer better temperature control
  • They conserve energy
  • They lead to less condensation compared to metal ducts
  • They have better acoustical control
  • They are low-cost material


Duct cleaning is utterly not optional when it comes to household maintenance. Make sure you have educated yourself properly about duct systems before you install them in your house or attempt to clean them. Ideally, try to use ducts that are made of good insulating and lighter material, such as fiberglass.