Shed Requirements in Victoria

Melbourne carports, sheds and garages have certain rules around them which must be followed before you begin construction. Beyond getting the right materials, designs and team to construct your new building, there may be legal requirements which you will first have to meet. If you are living in the state of Victoria, this is what the law says about these types of structures, and whether or not you need planning permission for your new shed, carport or garage.

What Are Considered As Outbuildings

 Here in the state of Victoria outbuildings include sheds, carports, garages, stables, storage units, gazebos and barns. If you are planning to build any of these, you have to ensure that you have met the legal requirements as put forward by the state.

When You Do Not Need a Planning Permit

Melbourne custom sheds are most likely to not require a planning permit, and so too are many carports and gazebos. The reason for this is that there are a number of rules in place, which allow you to build such a structure without the need for planning permission. Generally speaking you won’t require legal approval if your building meets the following criteria:

  • Has a floor area of less than 100 square meters
  • If the building is not going to be used for accommodation
  • If the outbuilding is an ancillary to a dwelling which is already located on the land

This information can be found in clause 44.06 of the planning scheme as laid out by local government.

When You May Need a Permit

The following covers when you may need a planning permit here in the state of Victoria, make sure that you are aware of these before you get started with your build.

  • If the building is going to be used as an office or as accommodation
  • Occupying more than 100 square meters on the property
  • If the building is ancillary to a dwelling, such as a garage, shed or carport and sits within 10 meters of the main dwelling

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you need a planning permit, it is always best to reach out to your local government offices before you start building.

Bushfire Measures

In Victoria and Melbourne sheds, carports, garages and other outbuildings must also meet bushfire measures before you begin the build. If you require this then you must make an application which includes the following information:

  • Proposed bushfire protection measures
  • Location of new building
  • Location of adjacent dwellings
  • Areas of defendable space and vegetation management

Application Tips

Whilst the application process is generally quick, it is always better that you apply in good time before you get started on your build. It may be that you do not need permission, or you may need to make changes in your application in order to have it passed. Either way the earlier that you can do this, the better it will be for your project. The last thing you want is to get refused permission when you already have everything in place for your build.

Always consult your local council if you are in any doubt about what is required from you before you build.