Do Mixer Taps Need Washers?

A kitchen sink with a faucet

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If you have a faulty tap then you can, in most cases, fix it on your own. This is something that we have been discussing of late, and it has prompted quite the response from many of you. One of the most common questions that we have been asked is whether or not a mixer tap contains washers. The answer is not simple, because the reality is that not all mixer taps do have washers. Let’s take a look a little deeper, to explain what we mean by this vague answer. 

Old School Dual Mixer

If you have laundry mixer taps for example that were purchased before 2010, it is almost guaranteed that you are going to have a mixer here. The mixer can be found at the base of the tap, just beneath the O-ring. This mixer may or may not have a hole in it, but its function is very much the same. This mixer is in place to secure the base of the tap to the hose and to the surface of the sink. 

There is a wide range of newer dual mixer taps that instead of using a rubber washer will rely on a very small ceramic disc. Even if this is the case, the disc could still be the main source of your problems when it comes to a leaking tap. The washer or the disc is the common reason for a leaking tap, that makes it much easier for you to fix at home, simply by tightening them up. 

Single Mixer Taps 

If you have a single mixer on your kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps, you should know that these invariably do not contain a valve or a washer like a dual tap will. Instead these hot and cold taps feature a cartridge that is removable. Usually this cartridge is accessed by removing a very small cap under the level that you will need an Allen key for. If the cartridge is no longer working then you are going to have to replace it. Thankfully however this is a very easy job and once you have purchased the new cartridge, making the swap is super simple. 

Looking Beyond The Washer

If you do have issues with a tap that is leaking then the first check will always be the washer, the cartridge or the ceramic disc that we have mentioned. If you have checked all of these areas and the tap continues to leak then it is always best to call out a plumber to have a look. Whereas things like the washer and the cartridge are easy enough to check and change, deeper issues are going to need an expert’s eye. Before you get started on checking the tap be sure that you have tuned the water off at the mains. The last thing you need is a major leak because you have hit something that you shouldn’t, so it is in your best interests to check first. 

This is why we cannot give a direct answer about all mixers having washers, because they can vary.