Is a conservatory roof replacement worth the cost?

Conservatories used to have 75% of their roof as glass to comply with building regulations, a conservatory roof replacement gives you the chance to change this.

These types of roofs were quite often unusable due to being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Recent changes to planning now allow for conservatory roofs to be made from different materials, providing you with new options.

If your budget doesn´t run to a whole new conservatory you can now replace just your conservatory roof. Newer materials can provide you with a space that no longer suffers from leaks and temperature extremes.

Why were older conservatory roofs inefficient?

Poor insulation is the answer. Roofs were traditionally made from glass or thin polycarbonate providing little or no insulation. Older conservatory roofs were very energy inefficient. Heat escapes quickly which means it is expensive to heat a conservatory in Winter and failure to heat your conservatory can result in dampness.

What types of replacement conservatory roof can I get?

The 3 main types of conservatory replacement roofs will allow you to use your room throughout the year without the drawbacks of your existing roof.

Energy-efficient glass 

Developments in glass technologies have led to “Low-e” glass. This glass is coated and reflects heat back into the roof and reflects UV light without affecting the amount of light that can pass through it. This glass is available as self-cleaning and is perfect for keeping a traditional conservatory look but with all the modern benefits.

Solid tiled conservatory roofs

If you are looking for a cosy, comfortable space then this could be the best choice. Tiled conservatory roofs are easy to install and lightweight. These roofs are insulated and come in a range of tile colours to blend in with your houses’ appearance.

Hybrid roof

An aluminium and glass Hybrid roof achieves a modern, contemporary look and can transform an older conservatory.

A lightweight vaulted roof creates astonishing light-flooded spaces which can maintain a comfortable temperate all year round. These roofs are plastered and can then be decorated in a colour palette to suit your personal style.

What are the main benefits?

Far cheaper than a new conservatory

Can use the space all year round

Quick and easy to install

Better thermal efficiency

Add value to your home

Greater temperature control

Help reduce glare when using laptops and tablets inside

Lightweight – room structure won’t require changes  

Makes the space more appealing 

Saves money on your energy bills

Does a replacement conservatory roof need planning permission?

It is not normally the case that planning permission is needed. Permission would have been obtained when the initial structure was installed, meaning the roof can be replaced without any concerns.

If you are replacing an original glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid roof you will require a Building Regulation Application.

If you opt to trust Transforming Conservatories to carry out your replacement conservatory roof work, we offer to manage all the regulation paperwork on your behalf at no extra cost.