Is it worth installing Mosque carpet over hard flooring?

Many people visited the mosque carpet to pray. When it is said that a mosque is a busy place, there is no mistake. In busy areas, clean air is essential, because dirty air can cause various diseases. Mosque carpets were used to keep the mosque clean and tidy. Every day, several people go to mosques and there are several patients with asthma and allergies. Mosque carpets are very useful to keep the interior of the mosque free of dust and allergies. The mosque itself is undoubtedly beautiful, but thanks to the mosque carpets, it has become a more attractive place and everyone will feel more comfortable when they enter the mosque. These make the worship floor attractive and appealing because it is enriched with many styles, patterns, and designs. As for the color of mosquito carpets, you can get them in different colors. From light to dark colors, they make the floor of the mosque impressive and attractive.

Mosque carpets are the most essential element of a mosque and when a mosque is built, good rugs are considered first.

Features of mosque carpets

  • Easy maintenance

A mosque is a busy place many people come to pray one day and hundreds of people come to the big mosques on Friday. A simple and exposed floor gets dirty immediately and it is very difficult to wash the floor again and again. You cannot wash the floor after every prayer, and if you choose to do so, you will get tired immediately. Mosquito carpets are best for this purpose because they are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner. This will save you valuable time because you only need to vacuum once or twice in seven days.

  • Soft and comfortable

People come to the mosque five times a day to worship Allah and have to sit for almost an hour during Friday prayers. If the mosque has a hard floor, then they cannot sit comfortably for an hour and also cannot comfortably offer oil. The carpets in the mosque make this easier for them because they are so soft and comfortable. Anyone can sit on it for hours. The most important feature of these rugs is that older people sit comfortably on them.

  • Warm atmosphere

Worship on the cold floor is not easy, and praying on the discovered and cold floor is difficult for everyone. On a cold floor, your feet cool down and you can get sick. In addition to softness, warm carpets offer thermal insulation. During the winter, they keep the temperature in the mosque warm and stable.

  • Durable

Because mosque carpets put pressure on many people, high-quality mosque carpets are made especially of wool. They are solid. Carpets are probably the best material for mosques.

Enjoy their beauty and customization!