7 Secrets to choosing the best granite for kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertops make a big difference in your kitchen remodeling design. It is critical that you choose the best one to stay stress-free for years. Most kitchen countertops are made of granites. Thus, choosing the right one makes a big difference. We agree it would be confusing to choose with plethora of options in kitchen granite. However, experts working for Casa Granite comptoir de cuisine have shared some tips that can help.

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Granite that suits your kitchen interiors and goes well with kitchen light is ideal; however there are other factors also to consider. Keep the article handy when you plan to renovate your kitchen countertop.

7 Secrets to choosing good granite for kitchen countertops:

  1. Select the right peg: Make one primary color as your kitchen that balances your kitchen color as well. For instance, white granite looks perfect with white or beige kitchen cabinets. In simple words, you gotta pick a good primary color to match dominant color of your kitchen.
  2. Understand the difference of light and dark: In some kitchens, dark colored granite may look great whereas some kitchens are meant for light colored granite stone. The same rule is applicable to bathrooms as well. You must know what is more suitable for your kitchen and not block natural light. Go for something that makes your kitchen look bigger.
  3. Choose the right pattern: Granite pattern can either make or break your kitchen. Ask your designer to suggest you something that goes well with your kitchen style. For instance, flamboyant patterned granite looks cool on simple or monochromatic kitchen design.
  4. Balance the size of your kitchen: The size of your granite must be in sync with the size of your kitchen. Adding a large countertop will unnecessarily block the space and make movement uncomfortable.
  5. Ask for samples: Ask the seller to share some sample granite patterns with you. You can experiment with these and get a feel of how these will look in your kitchen.
  6. Discuss the budget: Set a budget always especially if you are renovating the whole kitchen or house. You must think of other expenses too than spending only on granite tops. Choose a budget in mind and stick to it.
  7. Negotiate the price: Find sellers that are open to negotiate especially when you have larger order. Some good brands like Casa Granite comptoir de cuisine don’t mind negotiating with the buyer to maintain cordial relations with them.