Here are 6 helpful tips to keep your home safe from people trying to break in

The feeling of your home being broken into is awful, and no one wants to think it’ll happen to them however, the sad reality is that it occurs much more often than you probably think. There are some key things that burglars will look for when choosing a house to break into. Here are 6 helpful tips to keep your home safe from people trying to break in. 

One. Ensure that you have a top-quality locking system in place

The last thing you want to do is make it easy for potential burglars to make their way into your home. The more challenging it is for them to get inside, the less likely they are going to persist and continue to try to get in. The longer they do this, the more risk they are of being caught by a passer-by or neighbour. Consider having a locksmith come out and look at your current locking system and whether it is up to standard.

Here are some of the best locks to deter thieves


Deadbolts are a good way to keep your door locked and secure even when an attempt is made to unlock it. When the lock is turned, a metal bolt comes from out of the door itself and into the doorframe creating a secure hold between the two. There are several different types of deadbolts on the market and some are more resilient and robust than others. It’s best to discuss your options with CLK Supplies to find the right one for your home and security needs.

Bars, Chains, and Bolts

For additional security as well as a locking system, you can add another barrier to prevent entry such as a bar, chain, or bolt. As they cannot be tampered with externally, it makes it much harder to get in via the door. While they can be broken with extreme force, a thief is unlikely to do this if you have neighbours close by.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the locking systems of the future. Unlike traditional locks that have the locking mechanism on both the interior of the door and the exterior, smart locks only have a touchpad or pin pad on the outside. The only way of entry is via a pin code or fingerprint. If the burglar doesn’t know the pin code or doesn’t have your fingerprint, they won’t be able to get in. The best thing about these types of locks is that you can control them from your smart device, so you never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to lock up the home, leaving it vulnerable to unwanted entry. You can lock your door from your phone and unlock it too.

Two. Install a security system

Smart security systems are a fantastic way to deter potential thieves and monitor who comes onto your property when you are home and not. Nowadays, there are tonnes of options available all varying in price points and capabilities. Many systems can be installed DIY or for more sophisticated styles, a professional installation may be required. Modern-day security systems enable you to watch your home in real-time from your smart device. Doorbell security cameras are equally as effective at deterring thieves from attempting to break into your home. For ultimate protection, it’s a good idea to combine a sensor light with your security system. As soon as the sensor light goes off, this can scare off burglars, and you can capture them on video at the same time.

Three. Keep your property maintained and ensure you are collecting your mail each day

If your home looks like no one has been there for a while, this is the perfect home for a burglar to break into. Ensure that you are making a conscious effort to maintain your home. You can do this by mowing the lawn, collecting your mail each day, and by opening your blinds up. Additionally, keeping your greenery and landscaping well-trimmed can prevent thieves from using them as hiding spots.

Four. Eliminate points of easy access

Make sure that you aren’t making your property easy to get into, for example, don’t prop chairs against the fence, make sure there aren’t any gaps in your fencing, and lock your gates.

Five. Keep your holiday plans on the down-low

Believe it or not, some people will pray on others who they know are going away and a perfect way to find out this information is on social media. Keep this information on the down-low or at the very least ensure that your privacy settings are private or make sure that only people you know and trust are following you or are friends with you. If you are friendly with your neighbours, it can’t hurt to ask them to keep an eye out for you. Locksmith Gold Coast.

Six. Get a dog for the family

If you have always wanted a dog for the family and you want to make your home safer against thieves, this is the perfect solution.

A little effort can go a long way to keeping your home safe and protected against thieves

The simple steps mentioned above can go a long way to protecting your home and property from theft and forced entry.

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