Key Design Elements Of A Garden That Can Be Enjoyed In Winter

During the summer, our gardens are a haven. The weather makes them a place where we can be in the sunshine, relaxing and enjoying ourselves, all within the privacy of our own home. However, during winter, this changes. Our garden occupancy decreases as the cold weather looms. This then leads to the overgrowth of plants, the presence of weeds, and the potential deterioration of garden furniture, as well as the feeling that the premium price for garden space in a property is not always worth the cost.

There are, however, key design elements that can change this. While we cannot control the weather, residents can design their garden spaces to be enjoyable and even low maintenance year-round. And, while protecting one’s garden from environmental factors might be imagined to compromise curated aesthetics, this doesn’t actually have to be the case. So, instead of allowing your garden to hibernate this year, here are the key design elements that enable you to enjoy a private outdoor space through all seasons.

Covered Spaces

There are a number of ways for a garden to host a covered space, one with a rustic or decadent aesthetic. Put away the gazebo and think, instead, of log cabins and pergolas. These assets enable portions of a garden to not only be sheltered from the rain but also protected from the wind, enabling outdoor dining and relaxing to continue on days with unpleasant weather. With the addition of heat lamps or luxurious blankets, these spaces become appealing during winter too.

Interior spaces of these structures can be designed as one would within a home, making them cosy and comforting. Residents may choose to light them softly with warm glows, integrating flora and foliage into the designs to truly capture the beauty of nature.

Natural Winter

Many of the most celebrated of British garden plants are those with a summer beauty. It only takes a little scrutiny, however, to begin planting flowers and trees with a wonderful winter presence instead. From handsome conifers to bright hydrangeas, a garden can become a space that feels alive even on the coldest days.

One might also create a welcome space for wildlife too. Birdhouses and hedgehog boxes can be helpful to the local ecology, giving residents the opportunity to spend winter gaining insight into the beauty and routine of winter wildlife.

Seasonal Activity

Making the most of a garden space during winter doesn’t have to be for recreation. In fact, it can be a fulfilling exercise of utility too. Many gardens look forward to the winter season as an opportunity to plant their winter vegetables and fill their greenhouses and salad boxes with hardy produce.

While simultaneously harvesting the end of year foods, new seeds can be planted, meaning that, even when unoccupied, a garden can be creating something special, a host of delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables ready for the household to enjoy during the coming spring season!